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Pre-treatment product


PAKUNA KT-62N(T) is a highly alkaline immersion cleaning agent developed to alleviate environmental issues. PAKUNA KT-62N(T) is designed to clean dirt like mineral oil and is being used for pre-process cleaning before plating.

It can be used for wastewater treatment based on microbial breakdown process, due to it inherent natural breakdown capability.


PAKUNA ELECTOR V(T) is non-cyan based but it exhibits powerful cleaning actions for buffing compounds, smuts and rusts, it can be comparable to cyan-based agent.

PAKUNA ELECTOR V(T) can be applied to oil dreasing process for iron, steel and non-ferrous metals.

Brighteners for Zinc plating METASU FZ-77A (T)/
 ZB-627G (T)

This brightener can be used for Zinc acid bath - chloride bath (Ammonia chloride bath, Ammonia chloride - Potassium chloride mixing bath).

METASU FZ-77A(T)/ZB267-G(T) is a zinc plating brightener for high bath temperature acid bath. By making it possible to be used at high bath temperature, electric power required for cooling is reduced leading to an energy-efficient system and lower electricity costs. Industrial waste material is reduced since the increase of plating solution due to cooling is prevented.

An attractive shiny plated film can be obtained for a wide range of bath temperature.


This brightener can be used for Zinc acid - Potassium chloride bath.

METASU KZ-300MB(T)/KZ-300G(T) is a brightener agent with no boron for potassium chloride bath. This brightener includes nitrogen as low as one in alkaline bath to meet the restrictions on nitrogen.

METASU KZ-300MB(T)/KZ-300G(T) provides a wide range of bath working temperature. It also can be used at high temperature and obtained excellent shiny film.


METASU ZES-M(T)/G(T)/R(T) is a zinc plating brightener for high performance alkaline bath. Compare to conventional products, METASU ZES-M(T)/G(T)/R(T) provides a excellent brighter film, has capable of plating at low density area.

Passive chromate METASU YFA-M(T)

A passivation agent formulated for barrel plating, with excellent corrosion resistance and a coefficient of friction similar to hexavalent chromate.
High corrosion resistant layer obtained even with one coating layer.
Self recovery behaviour.
Improves high temperature corrosion resistance.
Conventional chromate facilities can be used.

/ 30HR(T)

METASU BM2R(T),/ 30HR(T) is the conversion coating agent, which used trivalent chromium instead of hexavalent chromium.

METASU BM2R(T),/ 30HR(T) provides a high corrosion resistant layer even with one coating layer.

Treatment time can be adjusted to obtain blue-silver colour in appearance.

Hexavalent chromium elution is reduced to meet Standard of RoHS Restriction (RoHS). It's possible to get stable blue color on the zinc plating film.


METASU YFB-NA7/NB7/RN7 is a trivalent chromium black passivation agent that not only produces an attractive black surface finish, but also economical as it renders a longer service life.

METASU YFB-NA7/NB7/RN7 produces a more enchanting black finish compared to conventional agents. It is ideal for blackening of chlorid zinc plating bath.

No white rust and corrosion resistance lasts for 120 - 168 hours.

Silver and dyes are not used.


METASU CY-51 is a passive agent, it provides a yellow chromate film with fine color tone and good adhension property.

METASU CY-51 can be applied to various types of Zinc plating with both rack and barrel plating.


TOPCOAT TR-CK is water based agent with non heavy metals like Cr6+ or rare earths. Coating layer can be done by spray or immersed method.

TOPCOAT TR-CK provides a high corrosion resistance, low temperature drying. It offers a uniform, bright and no iridescent apprerance when combining with black chromate treatment.