We support people’s affluent lives with surface treatment technology centered on plating.

Since its establishment in 1968, the JCU Group has continued to “support people’s affluent lives with surface treatment technology centered on plating” for half a century. We started off from offering t plating technologies (chemicals and equipment) to automobile and motorbike parts, and currently offer plating technologies that is indispensable to the manufacture of the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) of electronic equipment developing ever higher functions such as smart phones, etc.

The strengths of the JCU Group

  • We offer optimized processes to customers based on a wealth of field experience capabilities cultivated over half a century since its establishment in integrated sales of chemicals and equipment, which are rare in the industry.
  • We provide full support up to solving the problems that customers face with a follow-up framework uniting sales and technology personnel as an R&D-type company with about 40% of domestic employees belonging to R&D Center.
  • We have developed an R&D and sales network in various countries around the world and can quickly respond to customer needs globally.
  • We offer technology capable of manufacturing high density PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) by fusing conventional wet processing using surface treatment chemicals and dry processing using plasma equipment, which is unique in the industry.



For Electronics

We develop, manufacture and sell the chemicals required in the manufacturing processes of the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), electronic components and semiconductors, etc., used in all electronic equipment. We contribute to the realization of an affluent society through the provision of technologies responding to the needs of electronic parts, which are growing in sophistication due to the IoT (Internet of Things), with all things essential to our lives including mobile phones, smart phones, and the automation of automobiles.

For decoration and rust-proofing

We develop, manufacture and sell chemicals for the decoration and rust-proofing of automobile parts, faucet parts, and construction materials, etc. We give a sense of luxury to automobile parts by giving them a metal appearance with plating on plastic, and contribute to environmental load reduction through the provision of technology that supports automobile weight saving.

For commercial business

We are proud to be one of the most trusted distributors for well-known global brands over the world originating from japan, america, europe in plating, laboratory chemicals and equipment fields.cooperating and distributing products of yuken (japan) company in the field of galvanizing- chromate. through foreign trade partners to provide products related to aluminum surface treatment (such as anodizing, ..) we also cooperate with leading domestic suppliers to distribute high quality products and service to meet the demand of customer.


Plasma desmear system

As an dry process, it provides etching and washing devices for PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) using dry processing plasma technologies.

We are the unique company in the world that offers a technology that combines conventional wet processing with dry processing using plasma machine for high-tech electronic printed circuit boards.

Water, wastewater treatment plants

We have provided more than 20 industrial water systems and wastewater treatment lines for factories that are our customers in vietnam market from 2007 up to present.

Plating Line

Design and install a fully automatic surface treatment equipment line according to the company's chemical treatment process. By providing both equipment and chemicals, we will satisfy our customers with a completed, optimized process.

Our equipment lines are used in the high-tech industries, from the automotive industry to the electronics industry, from Japan to other countries around the world. There are more than 1,000 industrial automation equipment that our company produced are being operated.

Materials for plating industry

In parallel with providing a completed equipment line system, we also provide equipment, materials and maintenance services in order to maintain optimal equipment operation status for customers.